Monday, July 21, 2008

I finally finished my HAPPY book. I used Colette's idea (THANKS Colette!) about putting words on the sides and I love how it turned out . I used the June kit from Scrapbook Obsessions to create the HAPPY word book. I also used older pictures to create my book.

Who Makes Me Happy

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My paper & pencil holder

I found this at Hobby Lobby and immediately thought of pens and paper. I know everyone with kids has the same problem (well, you might have the same problem). Finding something to write with and paper in the same spot is unheard of in my house. There's either 1) paper and then nothing to write with or 2) pens and nothing to write on. In my house, these items have legs and walk away from the kitchen area (phone area). I've had a pen/pencil holder for years, but then always had to hunt down the darn paper. So I saw this (and it spins too!) and HAD to have it.

I used the Scrapbook Obsessions May kit to create this and the best part is, I just finished painting my kitchen (it's green and rusty color) and these colors from the kit were PERFECT!

Now I have everything in one spot (scissors and flashlight included!) and nothing has grown legs yet :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Garage Sales

Do you like going to garage sales? I do! I like to look at the ads on Thursday and Friday (these are my favorite days to go) to see what people have listed. I don't go to every sale, but I chose a few here and there. I know some people go to every sale listed. I used to pick up great clothing for the kids at sales, but now they're "too cool" for garage sale clothes LOL! I mainly go just for the fun of it now and rarely come home with anything; maybe a book or two. But hey, it gets me out of the house and I can pretend I'm shopping at the mall. LOL!

I've noticed that people that are having the sale seem to be less friendly this year :( People don't say hello to you when you walk into their "shop". Sad :( It's bad, but sometimes even if I do see something at their "shop" I won't buy because of that. When I have a sale, I make sure to speak to every person simply because I'm not rude.

Did you hit any sales recently and find a great item? What did you find?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wonderful scrapbook blogs!

The blogs that I've placed under the wonderful scrapbook blogs are talented ladies that belong to Scrapbook Obsessions. You must check out these blogs; the talent here is AMAZING! Each and every lady is truly an inspiration! If you haven't visited these blogs before, please take a minute to visit, you won't be sorry!

This is cornhole!

Jacob and I played a game of cornhole! What a fun game! Who would have thought it would be so much fun to throw bags of corn and try to get in the hole. And these games (units) are quite pricey! Lucky for me Ken made this set for us. I just saw an advertisement yesterday for someone who was selling these (with custom paint jobs) starting at $135.

I'm finally decided to create a blog!

After checking out so many wonderful blogs, I decided to join the "bandwagon". So far, this has been FUN creating a blog :) So with this very first post, I'm officially a blogger :)