Sunday, September 28, 2008

SAD update!

Maxie, my baby rabbit, passed away last night (9-27-08) at 6:20 :(. He died peacefully in my arms. Brittney had him out yesterday afternoon and everything was fine. I took the kids to dinner last night because DH was at this raffle thing and when we came home, Maxie did come out to greet us (when we get home he usually runs out of the inside cage to the outside cage when he hears voices). Maxie didn't come out so the kids ran out to check on him when I went into the house. JAcob came running and I knew something was wrong. He told me Maxie was just laying there. I went running outside and found him just laying in his cage. He was still breathing, but within 5 minutes he was gone. I actually think he didn't want to pass away being all alone. I'm so glad we got home in time and he was able to pass away peacefully in my arms. DH and I just talked about him probably spending the winter in the house because he just wasn't growing and he still had his fuzzy baby fur instead of preparing for winter. He was the runt of the litter and sadly, just wasn't meant to make it. He spent a good month with us and enjoying coming in the house everyday to run around and play. He always knew when it was time because you'd go out to get him and he jump into your hands knowing where he was going. These are happy thoughts, but it still doesn't make the pain in my heart any better :(. I love animals and this hurts loosing one.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Meet Max!

We went to the fair a few weeks ago and Brittney begged her daddy for a baby rabbit. We previously had 2 rabbits (Tyler and Flopsie) and Tyler passed away in October 2007. Ken didn't like the bunny at first, but Max has really grown on him. He was the runt of the litter and the most adorable of the litter! Harley (the dog in the picture) and Bear don't really mind Max since we've had rabbits before, they're immune to them. In this one picture, Max is even beside Harley and Harley's just watching him.

Scrap time!

I finally had a chance to sit down and create some LOs today. I've been so busy with getting ready for school to start that I haven't scrapped in a few weeks. I love looking at older pictures of my kids, but it makes me sad that they're growing up so quickly. Jacob was 2 years old in this LO back in 1998, today he's 12! He still enjoys helping out around the house~thank goodness!