Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bad blogger

See it's already into August and I haven't posted anything since July 21; what a BAD blogger I am LOL!

I did start back to work yesterday (8-4-08) and we spent the entire day cleaning toys with bleach to get ready for the first day. Some people get into preschools/daycares thinking "oh what an easy job, I can do this. Little do people realize all the work that happens in preschools. This week is cleaning everything, but the reward comes on Friday when we get to go to Holcombs! Holcombs is a teacher store; the next best thing to a scrapbook store! I'm also working on lesson plans this week; this is another thing that people don't realize, planning does go into teaching preschool, you just don't go in and "wing it". You need to plan every activity that they're going to do. I love kids and teaching them :) Not too many people can say they love their job.