Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We went to my sister's house for Easter this year. We had a delicious dinner of ham, hunkie potatoes, stuffing, and asparagus (YUM!). What a fun day was spent with my sister, BIL, Baxter, and BIL's mom & dad, my mom & dad, grandma, and my family. My grandpa was with us in spirit and my sister had a picture of him on the mantel. It was a hard day for all, but seeing his picture, I knew he was with us.

We played the wii after dinner and I got grandma to give it a try. She's bowling in the pictures in the LO and had a fun time. I'd like to take the wii over to her house and let her play again. It's hard to believe she's 94 yrs old and playing a wii :) Gotta LOVE her!